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Hi Jenelle,
Glad to hear that you aren't feeding alfalfa--one less thing to worry about!  Sounds like you've got a sweet deal on the hay situation.  If you can find one source for your grass hay, it will make testing a lot more economical.  Just get all your hay at one time and then take your sample to send in.
One idea on the beet pulp that I know some folks do is prepare large batches and freeze it in individual serving size freezer baggies. If you had your supplements poured into little containers ahead of time, the "feeders" would just have to dump them in, stir and serve!  That is basically what I do for my horse sitter, but I use dampened ODTB's as a carrier.  It just takes a bit of planning ahead.  I know a lot of people use colanders to rinse/soak/rinse their beet pulp, but when I was feeding beet pulp I found these fine mesh nylon paint strainer bags to be most useful.  I think I got mine at Home Depot.
As far as the ground flax seed goes, the Omega Horseshine is perfectly acceptable, though probably not the most economical choice.  I started out grinding my own flax seed, but quickly realized that I could save time by using the ground stabilized form.  My feed store (Southern States) carries Omega Max made by Triple Crown.  You might want to check on that. It's about $25 for a 25 lb bag.  If you do want to grind your own, you can grind a weeks worth and it will keep for a week in the frig. Costs about half as much to grind your own if you buy 50 lb bags.
One more thing in your CH that I forgot to mention earlier is the salt block.  You didn't say if it was a white one or brown one, and I just wanted to mention that we only recommend the white salt blocks.  The brown ones have iron, which we don't want, and minerals that interfere with balancing your minerals to your hay analysis.
Anxious to see you photos!  And yes, certainly feel free to post "before trim" ones so the hoof folks can look and guide your trimmer, if need be, for when he comes on 5/13.
No apologies needed for the length of your messages!  :)
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