Re: How long does it take to show results with pergolide?


Hi Michelle,
In case this has not already been brought to your attention, the experience of the group is that splitting the dose may not be as effective as giving a full dose all at one time.  Going from 2 mg all at once to 3 mg but as a split dose (1.5 mg twice a day) might not be more effective than the 2 mg.  In fact, it might be less effective.  Since you posted on April 23, by now you should have seen some improvement.

As far as I know, the only reason to change to a split dose is if you have seen side effects such as loss of appetite or symptoms of "veil" from a full dose, or you want to add extra pergolide when you are already on a very high daily dose to achieve better control.  On this list, 2 or 3 mg of pergolide is not considered a high dose for a horse, or even a pony, and is usually well tolerated (see the pergolide database).  We have a 12 H 450 lb pony on 4.5 mg pergolide who was titrated up in September from 3 mg by adding 0.5 mg pergolide every 3 days with no side effects or veil.  He has stayed at that dose without side effects.

If you want to switch to a full 3 mg dose once a day, you might go to 2 mg plus 1 mg  for 3 days, then increase one dose and decrease the other in increments of either 0.25 mg every 3 days (or 0.5 mg every 3 days if he will tolerate that).  Alternately, go back to the 2 mg once a day, and increase with 0.25mg which is the list protocol (or 0.5mg) every 3 days.

SW Ontario
March 2005

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