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Rita Creitz

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for the suggestion about the Soybean Pellets.  Never heard of it...that's why this group is so full of great info.  I called the Culpeper Coop this morning to see if they knew of a supplier near my area, but they did not.  The closest store to me (and it's really not that close) is the one in Marshall, VA.  For now, I'm going to file it away as a possibility.  Sent in another hay sample to EA yesterday and we'll see what the starch results are this time.  

Re the Stabul 1 as a possible feed, I'm a little nervous about it since Houdon is borderline allergic to alfalfa, which is the 3rd ingredient in it.  

Remember I was looking for a new vet?  Found one!!  She checked out the ECIR website, was familiar w/ Dr. Kellon's work, and is OK with writing a script for compounded pergolide....has used ThrivingPets herself.  My other vet prescribed only Prascend.  She's is coming next week to meet Houdon, take blood for ACTH, insulin, glucose, leptin, and Lyme....all going to Cornell.  The rapport was quickly established between us.  I am so relieved.  

Another thanks to LeeAnne for uploading my CH.  I'll try again to get pics there, too.  

Rita and Houdon
Gaithersburg, MD
Sept 2013 (I think)

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