Repost: advice on Mill's skin condition


Advice is needed regarding Mill’s current skin condition. She is my pacemaker dependent PPID/IR 25 year old Arabian mare. I noticed Saturday that she was losing hair in front of her hip and beside her tail on one side. This is not a typical shedding pattern for her.


Now it has spread from her withers and down her spine with some flaking in her mane. The hair comes out with skin attached but the remaining skin looks fine. There is no crusting, oozing or anything like that. Mill is usually in the barn when the weather is inclement so I don’t think that it’s rainrot. She had her first spring bath the week before and I don’t know if that stirred things up.


My vet was out Wed for floating, vaccs and blood work. The cbc/chemistry was normal except:

Wbc                             low      5.2  (5.5-12.5)            

Lymphocytes              low      884 (1500-7700)

Fibrinogen                   high     297 (76-230)


Cornell labs from April 6th were:

Acth                            19.6     (9-35)  on 8 mg Pergolide

Insulin                         17.45   (10-40)

Glucose                       86        (71-113)


She was already on Trimethoprim/Sulfa antibiotics for the floating due to her pacemaker. The vet wants me to continue that for another week. His other recommendations were to bathe every other day in chlorhexadine shampoo and to deworm again. I gave ivermectin in February.


Mill is being fed timothy/orchard grass hay, 2.5 lbs Stabul 1, 3 cups r/s/r beet pulp with the following supplements:

2 T                   salt

1/2 T                Move-ease

1/2 T                chondroitin

1 T                    lysine

1 1/2 scoop      GI Conditioner

2400                Vit E  400iu

1/3 c                 omega max



Are there any suggestions on what else I can try or any feed and/or supplement changes/additions that may be beneficial? I have uploaded two photos of the problem.


Jennifer & Mill in TN

Jan 2011



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