Re: Case history for Babe (old horse with PPID)

Lydia Lawson

Babe had her bloodwork in April and the vet said "it was normal" now. I asked for a copy but they have not emailed it so I'll ask again so I can let you know the numbers. She is doing well. I have a new issue however: She decided she does not want to eat the Timothy balance Cubes any longer. I hate wasting them as they are quite expensive. I wet them for her but if she doesn't eat them I have to throw them out since they were wet! She still eats the pellets fine but I know they do not have all the minerals she needs. Honestly I am leary of mixing minerals because of time and the shear complicatedness of it. Is there any other feed that has the minerals already in i that you all recommend? I would mix if I thought it was not too difficult to do a batch and I do it for the other horses too if it was less expensive. I just get brain dead when I read about it :-)

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