Antibiotic for IR, PPID horse

Sara Gooch

I need some help. My computer is old and the new Yahoo makes it nearly impossible to search conversations or the files. My IR PPID mare Felina is acutely, nearly non-weight-bearing lame on one front foot apparently from an abscess in the heel region.  The vet recommended giving her Bute and Ulcer-Gard and soaking in Epsom salts. She's in a padded EasyBoot on the abscess foot, but cannot bear weight on it long enough to get a padded boot on the other foot. I'm very concerned about causing laminitis in the weight-bearing foot--or both.  Right now she has pulses in both fronts, the vet said from the abscess and the excess weight-bearing. She had laminitis a year ago  after a pasture breakout from her dry lot.

The vet wants to put her on antibiotics when the abscess breaks and suggested trimethoprim sulfa or Exceed. Am I correct that neither is recommended for an IR horse? I've read the prohibited list in the file section.   How risky is the trimethoprim sulfa for an IR horse? What is the preferred antibiotic for an IR horse?  From what I understand, doxy is prohibitively expensive.  Are antibiotics even necessary when the abscess breaks?   

In a lifetime of owning horses, I've never had to deal with the acute lameness of an abscess.  Is there anything else I should or shouldn't be doing? I respect the veterinarian, but she isn't very experienced.  

Many thanks for answers to these questions.  

Sara, 2011

NE California

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