Re: Sand or Pea Gravel?


FarmTek sells a non-woven "underliner," to quote the catalog, "constructed from 8 oz. gray non-woven fabric with 100% staple polyester and polypropylene." It is recommended for cattle and horses, for stables and paddocks and around water troughs. 1-800-327-6835.
We had so much mud during our very cold and wet winter here in Virginia, I am thinking of ordering this product to construct a mud-free dry paddock for year-round use.
Virginia/April 2014
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>So sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I had to take a sample of my fabric to the guy >who installed it so he could tell me the precise name of the material, and it took until today to do >that. It's called "stabilization cloth" (possibly stabilizing cloth). 

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