Re: Repost: advice on Mill's skin condition


Hi Nancy C,

I noticed the skin problem on 4-26 and started the antibiotics on 4-28. It will be interesting to see how things look after the antibiotics are done. Fortunately the weather is warm so bathing frequently is not a problem. Thank goodness this didn't happen in the winter.

Mill was getting 2/3 c of Omega Max through the winter when she was eating soaked ODTBC and more bp. Since feeding her Stabul 1, it has been harder to get the flax in. Wet and she won't finish it and dry it falls to the bottom of the bucket. I wish she would just eat what I put in front of her because I know best:)

I looked at the L-glutamine and that looks like it is worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Jennifer & Mill in TN

Jan 2011




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