Re: How long does it take to show results with pergolide?

Michelle Riley

Thank you, Eva.  I will put him on a once a day dose.  All last fall whenever I tried to increase his dose, he’d go off his feed.  His appetite hasn’t been the best for a couple of years.  Hard to get minerals and such into him.  He has been eating very well, it seems, since the first dose of APF.  I don’t know if that stuff works that fast or if it was just a coincidence.
There has been some improvement – small amount of weight gain, eyes still have goop, but about half as much.  Since, we’re using APF, hopefully he’ll be ok with the 3 mg once a day.  Maybe, he’ll show more improvement with the whole dose at once.  Thanks for your response.  I’ve been wondering about dosing.
Michelle & Shadow
NW Indiana
August 09

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