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Hi Paula

I would want to talk with the vet about the handling of the April labs.  The reference range for glucose at Cornell is 71-113 mg/dL. Your glucose is low 

Nancy C in NH

Vet say she had to get new strips for the glucometer and that sometimes gives spurious results (!?!?).  I had not told her I was interested in the ratio of glucose and insulin.  She said the samples for Cornell were handled according to protocol and indicate that the diet changes have Cory in the normal range.
She did not detect pulses when she was out April 15th to do the blood work and vaccinate against rabies and flu/rhino.  When I mentioned that Cory gets sore on the stone driveway after a trim, she said he did not have much foot.
When trimmer was here on May 2nd, she felt pulses in all four feet, not bounding but there.  She said it indicated systemic inflammation.  I felt them too that day and for the next couple days.  Wasn't sure today...  I scraped the grass further back along the paddock fence line.  With all this rain, the grass is growing where it doesn't normally.  He is turned out with a taped muzzle for 45 minutes while I clean stalls and paddocks, so we walk a couple minutes down the drive, he often runs around a little in the pasture, trot and canter, looks sound and comfortable (and he is no stoic!), and I hand walk him every other day for 30 minutes (haven't been able to fit it in every day).  
Help with feet, please:  I posted hoof photos to get an evaluation of how we are doing with that.  I tried to compare these latest ones with the mark ups that Lavinia had kindly done for us.  I think we are much closer than three months ago but not sure if we are there.  Trimmer says the coffin bones are in proper alignment now.  She is frustrated with his tendency to toe in and roll over the side of his hoof instead of the front.  She thinks I should use a new chiro/acup/vet instead of my regular chiro as she thinks the problem is further up in his body.  She thought I could add some lateral work in-hand to keep us entertained and maybe open up his body after all this time on the paddock with little exercise and no work.  Still no tight circles or lungeing.  Would someone please give us some feedback on the feet?
Thanks so much to everyone for all the information and encouragement.  I get discouraged sometimes, but we have made a lot of progress.
"When going through hell, keep going."  --Winston Churchill

Paula  (Cory IR and Onyx no ECIR) in Bucks County, PA, USA

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