Re: Cory (IR) new test results, YEAH!


Help with feet, please:  I posted hoof photos to get an evaluation of how we are doing with that.  I tried to compare these latest ones with the mark ups that Lavinia had kindly done for us.  I think we are much closer than three months ago but not sure if we are there.  Trimmer says the coffin bones are in proper alignment now.  She is frustrated with his tendency to toe in and roll over the side of his hoof instead of the front.  

Paula -

Lavinia did your last markups.  I'm not certain she's readily available so will take a look a better look tomorrow.

About the toe -in...Cory has medial-lateral imbalance and remodeling of the coffin bone.  It may simply be that that is the way he uses that foot because of the internal changes.  Will post more tomorrow when I can look more closely.

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