Thyroid medication?-Really?


Hello group and hopefully Dr. Kellon too:

So once again my vet is recommending thyroid medication for my IR horse.   My horse, Baron, is very very IR. Despite correct, and believe me it is correct DDT&E, Baron has been Severe IR.   After a second bout of founder in 8 years, his G:I ratio continues to be severe.  He is a tough case and most horses on as strict of a regime as he is on would thrive.   He is rideable and has come through this last founder like a champ!  But, his insulin and glucose checks show that he is still at high risk.   They have been like that for years.  His hay is very low on carbs- about 5% and it is soaked, he has proper Vitamins and minerals, per Dr. Kellon.  His trim is excellent and he is exercised at least 1/2 hour daily.  So please please please do not tell me it is about his diet.  You can find his history in EChistory 3 under KrisandBaron

So, my vet is, once again,  suggesting thyroid medication.  Baron is a 4 on the condition scale, that is, he is NOT over-weight, in fact his ribs are showing.  Has anything changed regarding thyroid meds for IR horses that I need to be aware of?  Or is it still just something vets recommend because they don't know what else to do? 


Kris, Grass Valley, Ca 2005

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