Updating a history in ECHistory5

Deb Funderburk <hawkhilldeb@...>

I am a frustrated computer illiterate try to update my pony's history in EChistory5.  I think I have finally uploaded the update, but cannot figure out how to delete the old file.  And now it seems there are two folders???  What do I do now?  Also, I have foot photos, lab reports x-rays and a hay analysis to go in also.  Will they go in my folder here? 

As you may guess, Cory (this is the second pony named Cory here) and I have hit a bump in the road and I need to negotiate this tricky computer highway.  Most stressing for me is the fact that my trimmer of 22 years told me this week that he couldn't be a party to this kind of foot trimming.  I really need some guidance. 

Here is the link to my Case History (I think)

Deb Funderburk and Cory
July 2012
North Carolina

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