New test for Cushings?

Susan Zingle

My vet is coming tomorrow morning.  I've been after him for a while to do an ACTH test to be sure we have the Cushings under control before we begin seasonal rise.  Pony is shedding (although his coat is still thick and curly and shedding uneven and blotchy), seems to have recovered completely from a nasty founder last year (Pony runs around the paddock, bucks, no indication of pain, no heat, no pulses, farrier loves his feet).  His weight is good, no crest, no pads above eyes, etc.  Vet says there is a NEW cushings test, easier to do than the ACTH test.  But he couldn't/wouldn't/didn't take the time on the phone to walk me through it.  He hates the dex suppression test, so I'm pretty sure that's not it.  Any ideas, so I can ask appropriate questions and not just stammer?  Thanks so much.

Susan with Pony, Chicago, member since (I think) 2003

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