Re: Is it time to put my pony down?


msgem2003, I've been kind of following this thread but I apologize, I can't recall your name.  I'm so sorry for the need for your decision.  Fly free, Babe, green grass and blue skies forever.  Amy in PA '06ish (Herbie IR, Darby, lost beloveds on HIH site Echo, Dylan, Pebbles, Cherry, Misty who was C/IR)

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Update on my pony Babe…

My vet just came by for shots and to check on Babe’s tumor.  I was entertaining the idea of 

I will wait until the pasture is green and lush and my mud is dried up.  Her last few weeks will be on pasture.

msgem2003 and Babe

Brandon, Ms 2006


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