Re: Is it time to put my pony down?


Chanda, I'm sorry for your pending loss, as well.  Fly free, beloved mare, green grass and blue skies forever.  Amy in PA '06ish (Herbie IR, Darby, lost beloveds on HIH site Echo, Dylan, Pebbles, Cherry, Misty who was C/IR)

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I'm making this same decision for a mare.  I wanted her to have time out on grass first, yesterday was the first day I opened the pasture, she went out and came right back in.   :(   She'll eat grass that I bring to her, but didn't want to walk around the pasture.    I called the vet yesterday to schedule, but they were out on farm calls, so waiting to call again today.  [Also scheduling 3 gelding proceedures.]


MT 9/04

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