Re: Is it time to put my pony down?

Emily Phillips

"I'm sure there are many here who would be interested in an herbal remedy, which will slow down  tumour growth.  Can you be more specific and link us to the data supporting this statement."


No data but anecdotal success from another member on here who had managed to successfully slow down cancer of the mouth on her horse with a remedy put together here in Australia by McDowell's Herbal Treatments:

It contained Horsetail, Wormwood, Echinacea, Violet Leaves, Red Clover, Sheeps Sorrel, Comfrey, Pau D'Arco, Burdock, Cats Claw, and Poke Root.


She also applied aloe vera gel topically and aloe juice orally.


Of note to Dr Kellon's point on other thread, the horse in question had undiagnosed and therefore uncontrolled PPID, which was what very sadly took him in the end with a nasty acute episode of laminitis.

But the vets were amazed at how well his cancerous tumour had been doing - in terms of the speed of progress considerably slowed, giving him years of extra life that they would otherwise not have predicted...


I have had no personal experience with herbs but if you are going to wait a few weeks / months Melanie, it might be something that is worth a try with Babe...  Such a terrible position you find yourself in...  I cry for you...  :(


Emily and Cheyenne

Jan 2014

Springmount, Victoria, Australia



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