Re: Unusual insulin, glucose and leptin results - PLEASE HELP

Emily Phillips

"It took 10 days to get insulin and glucose back as they ran out of test kits. It has then taken another 6 weeks or do fit the leptin, why I have no idea."
The delay here in Aus was apparently caused by a veterinary conference on laminitis that sparked a whole heap of vets testing for IR all at the same time!  Good news I guess?!
At other times, Insulin and Glucose usually comes back very quickly, within a couple of days.  And Leptin within a week.  It was the Leptin they ran out of test kits for and took ages to get more in and then they had a big backlog to clear.
Also it was the first time Jodie's vet had tested any horse for leptin, so the concern is there may have been a handling error.
77 ng/ml does seem very high?  Question is does it indicate there was an error?  Either by the vet or caused by the delay at the lab?  Or can it be relied on?
Emily and Cheyenne
Jan 2014
Springmount, Victoria, Australia

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