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If Yahoo and "Neo" aren't allowing you to upload your history (into the files section) and pics (into the photo section) of ECHistory8 you can email them to me: shilohmom "at" outlook "dot" com.

Take heart, you're not the only one who is challenged by all the new computer technology .

Could you please sign your posts with your name, general location and year of joining. It helps us help you faster and we can be a lot friendlier when not having to say "hey you"  : )

Pergolide is not a treatment for IR, it the treatment for PPID. If there has been no blood work establishing PPID then pergolide was not warranted based only depression and disinterest in hay. Fall laminitis maybe but PPID would normally be more likely to be accompanied by a ravenous appetite. If she is not PPID then the pergolide could certainly be making your girl feel "off". I think your instincts may be spot on here.

Laminitis/founder on spring grass is classic for IR. It sounds like it may have been the final straw on top of the feed issues at the boarding facility. This is a dietary management issue, as you are aware. No more beating yourself up about this - need to move on to help her heal.

Emergency diet is good at this point. Is she still boarded or do you have her under your own care? Next step would be to have your hay tested and minerals balanced to the assay.

 As you are aware, we generally do not recommend appliances, esp in a recent laminitis/founder as they make it extremely difficult to perform realigning trims in a timely fashion. Plus, the nailing can be painful to an already sore, compromised foot. We do not recommend total stall rest but allowing the horse to move on its own in a small, safe paddock area as long as they are not on NSAIDs that mask pain and as long as they remain fairly calm. No forced exercise.

The soft rides are an excellent rehab boot because they allow they support the entire sole and frog in a pressure-release mode that encourages blood flow. They keep the walls from bearing the entire weight of the horse, which they were never meant to do, and in laminitis can't do without more destruction.

We need to see the pics before we can comment on whether the trim is conducive to healing or not. If the trim is not correct then attaching shoes to it is only going to make the situation worse over time even tho it may seem to help initially. It's good that she is more comfortable at the moment - that is the goal.

I won't go into what I would have told this vet/farrier/dentist if he had dared to speak to me in that fashion. Suffice to say he would be less one client.

Take a few deep breaths, some wine and dark chocolate may be in order too. Let's see what the pics and xrays have to say and then we can go from there. You can have a read on the educational website for more targeted info:

Hang in there, we'll help you get this squared away.

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