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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Susan,

We do not recommend using fasting results as many times they give you false negatives. That she is on an IR type diet could also have influenced those results. Glucose Tolerance tests are an accurate test but can be dangerous to IR horses as ingesting the glucose can cause an insulin spike that will bring on laminiits. Being as Ofeig is an Icy I would be treating her as if she is IR just to be on the safe side.

The problems she was having before you acquired her may have been due to something called Maladaptive Chronic Stress Response. She was imported from Denmark as a breeding prospect, correct? If she is not actually IR, this may be what is still causing her health problems.

In her history you mention she's had lamintis before. Also skin allergies, udder enlargement, lethargy, touch-me-nots, ravenous appetite. These are classic for IR and diet imbalances. The Dengie healthy Hooves has higher oil, alfalfa (which can makes many horse foot sore), garlic (which causes Heinz Body anemia in horses). Recommend stopping it.

The Benevit Advance has added iron (no adult horse needs it), iodine (your hay is already high in it). If you have an analysis of the hay it would be better to have a custom mix made than trying to use an off-the-shelf product. With a sugar+starch of 9.9% it just sneaks in under 10% - would soak for now just to be on the safe side. NO pasture unless you put her out with a sealed muzzle on so she can socialize and get some exercise.

As she has no rotation and laminitis seems to have passed, we do not recommend bute for more than a week as it interferes with healing after that. Stall rest is not needed as she has no ongoing foot issues, tho keeping her in a paddock area where she cannot get to running around is advised. Gentle exercise - not forced - will help both her attitude and her health. Cannot see why shoes would be in her future.

Posting some hoof pics in your photo album would be helpful. The xrays are taken at an odd angle and do not tell you anything about what the foot looks like when it is weight bearing. It appears that she may have coffin bones that are ground parallel at rest, which would make them go into a negative plane on weight bearing. This is not ideal.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut
Jan 05, RI
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