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Thanks Lavinia, I am awaiting a new hay batch that has tested 6% for sugar. I am going to send a sample off to Forage plus and get them to make a balancer while I spend time studying up the NRC course and contemplating whether I really want to do the balancing myself. Just understanding may be sufficient for me at my advancing years!

 I have to admit that re the trim I usually give the heels a little more leeway with a couple of millimetres of growth as I have found she is more comfortable. I agree they are a little low at the moment. I took them down a bit more when in fact they hardly ever need trimming.

Thanks for info re the HH and benvit. I will stop them. I was already worried about the oil being rape oil (hydrogenation and trans fats) and the garlic after reading Getty's book and was tempted to stop it.

(I have worked as a family Dr for many years and have been very uneasy about the amount of carbohydrates and vegetable oils in the supermarkets contributing to the explosion in type two diabetes. As the diabetic lead in our practice I was being overwhelmed and had to retire early. It felt like I was just catching Lemmings and putting them back on the cliff facing the edge.)

I will stop the bute and put her out with a no grass adapted muzzle on  for a couple of hours a day bringing her in for hay.

I wish I could persuade my vet to do the non-fasting test. I will have to stand my ground and I think I will win because he only has to do one draw. I could have tricked him by not fasting her I guess but it isn't in my nature.

As you say she may as well be treated as IR because she probably is.

Glad you agree re the shoes. She was sound enough to do ten mile rides a few weeks ago with a group of endurance riders. I would be worried that shoes would mask the laminitis and it would therefore present late. Also I wouldn't get to see the bottom of the hoof or get a farrier to come out often enough. I was left 12 weeks frequently then the farrier nippered off the hoof wall and half inch of sole, rasped it all flat leaving the heels to go under. Shoes put on that kind of work would be even more shocking.

Can you please tell me or give references/links to info re maladaptive chronic stress response?

Sue Coombes and Ofeig


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