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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Susan,

Do you subscribe to Dr. Kellon's e-zine The Horse's Mouth? There was an article in the Sept 2013 issue on the maladaptive chronic stress response. Adaptogens are the go-to: APF (Auburn Labs) or Jiaogulan were the two mentioned.

The trim is pretty nice overall. I can totally see why she would prefer leaving the heels higher - they are too low in relation to her toe height. When you look at the dorsal hoof wall and it appears to have a bull nose configuration - sorta bulges a bit, then moves back in, as it travels from the coronary band to the ground - that indicates that the rear of the coffin bone may be sitting lower than the leading edge. This is not what you want happening. Need to drop the height in the front or get the heels back up to the correct, relative height. It's a balancing act. Here's the link to your photos:

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