Re: Prune Question & Blood Work Update

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Rita,

The safest way to add a link is to use the "insert" icon at the top of the reply box and then don't go anywhere near it again with your cursor or Neo uses that as an excuse to hijack you to the link - and your post goes POOF! You can type a reply into a word document and then copy/paste it into a reply so you have a safe backup in case Neo eats it.

I have one who's ACTH has been doing a similar thing for 3 years now. It's driving me crazy. I can get the numbers dead-center of the normal range during the seasonal rise but then it goes up during the late winter and spring. That is not PPID-induced rise but what IS causing it is a mystery. Haven't quite figured out what to do as it just continues to rise form there and then jumps again during the rise period. Not much help but know you're not alone in this. My boy's insulin won't come down tho, so you are ahead of the game there. Great that the Lyme is also negative.

Good job getting things together for Houdon.

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