Bea's blood work from Cornell


I just uploaded Bea's findings from Cornell. So, I know I need to add this to her history, but what does it all mean, trying to figure out the numbers and where to enter them in the columns.  Bea also had another blood draw this morning to check the Pergolide level to see where we are.  I will post some pictures later today so you can see how she looks. Vet and I noticed that the fat deposit puffs we saw above her eyes was gone.  She also thought I could up her hay a few pounds as she is not thin, but a little ribby.  I have decided after talking to my vet that I will continue to ride her for exercise as she displays no tenderness in her feet and I am only walking. I ride her every other day or 3 times a week and will work her in the round pen the other days.

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