Re: measuring minerals out


Thanks Carol and Maggie.

I'm looking for a scoop that will hold the weight of minerals I need to feed, so all I have to do is pick up the right scoop. 

I have a farm with other livestock to care for, so I need my horse feeding to be as quick as possible. This is particularly critical during winter (which can be Nov-April), when we get heavy snow. When I have to wade through 3-4ft of snow to get to my barns to take care of my animals, I want to be in and out as fast as I can. At this time of year, I have birthing going on....again takes a lot of time. Having a set scoop size makes it easier when I have someone else (not me) feeding. One thing I've learned with farm help is that you need to make things as simple as possible. 

I have a nice gram scale, which is how I know the 1/8th tsp I have is too big. 


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