Re: confusion of pergolide dosage in the files


Okay does this sound right for a price.....for two horses 42 day supply of compounded pergolide,

 starting with 4 days of .25, then four of .50 then four of .75 then 30 of 1. mg's  ..

..cost me a bit over 223$ that works out to 2.00$ a day , somehow I was thinking the compounded pergolide was a bit less expensive than this...

Am I mistaken or is my math wrong or am i being charged a larger then usual

 extra 250 a month for horse care is not going to be able to be put in my budget, ever,... this is stressing me out some...thats two months board...if this be the case in all this drama, other decisions will have to be made.....SIGH... 

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