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>I just uploaded Bea's findings from Cornell...

Hi Michele,

Bea's lab work is not the labs we normally ask for, which is a single blood draw for an eACTH, insulin, glucose and leptin on a NON-fasting horse.  The numbers are somewhat confusing as reported and I suggest that you call your vet and/or Cornell for interpretation.  You are right that we do not have columns in the case history form for the tests that you did, so you would not be able to enter your particular lab results except the baseline ACTH and PRE-OST insulin, which are both elevated.  Did you fast Bea for these labs?  What labs did you do on June 2nd when you retested her?  The ACTH of 88.6 and insulin of 48.66 shows that Bea is both PPID and IR, so a double whammy high risk for laminitis.  Though exercise is good, continuing to ride this horse is very risky as her laminae could be very fragile and you risk fracturing those connections.  Our goal is NO laminitis and I would want to see her numbers in a much better range before I rode her or worked her a round pen, which also puts strain on fragile laminae.  Long straight lines with no tight turns would be appropriate exercise for Bea at this point.  It's good that the fatty puffs above her eyes are gone.  Can you send us some photos of her feet?

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