Re: confusion of pergolide dosage in the files


Hi Pauline

How does that dose of Prascend work out? If you're giving 11mg of compounded now, how can you give 1mg Prascend instead?

I'm facing going back to liquid. I've done my math and at present dose, it's around $1700 a year. I just cannot justify that, no matter how much we love him and how hard I've fought :(

Bova make a 1mg in 1ml suspension so I think this will be my next option.  

I also found out today that my clinic marks up drugs by 110%.  Really doesn't seem fair on long term use drugs.  Was going to email you Pauline to see if you can help me out at all.  I have a friend asking another vet on my behalf too in hope of acquiring more cheaply.

This has made all my hard work seem pointless now.

Lisa & Miami
Victoria, Australia

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