Shellie Galpin

Hi l am new to the group and have a beautiful mare with Cushing. She was diagnosed 5 months ago. We have been to hell and back in that short time.  Toadie my mare has suffered with major hoof abscesses in all 4 feet at one time, had some rotation in all 4 feet also and has had 3 respiratory infections.  She is currently sick ATM with a vet appointment this Friday. Scope and x-rays. She had a build up of pus in her head that is coming out a green/yellow colour with a horrid smell.  Vet cant put her on the right meds until they know which way to treat her. Only other problem is l have to float her there, at least one hr drive and Toadie has had 2 seizures before she went on the Pergolide.  So l am a but  nervice/scared about her being in a float.  She has had bloods taken on Monday to re-check her levels, to see if she is getting not enough/to much Pergolide.  I don't understand why she is sweeting extensively atm, the slightest heavy rug and she is dripping.

I am hoping to find wonderful people on this site in similar or experienced situations as l now find my self.

Thanku Regards Shellie


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