Re: Pabatsa's Cornell Results Not Good--Please Help


Pabatsa has also been given the soft form of peppermint candy to help with him taking the Pergolide. Could this also be a factor why his insulin and glucose deteriorated?

I have been giving him 3 scoops = 99 grams with his supplements of WheyBolic whey protein isolate from GNC. It comes to about 3 grams of sugar total in 3 scoops.  Should I not be giving him this on days he doesn't work?  

I wormed him with one tube of Ivermectin in May. Should I worm again or wait until after the hay is tested and I re-test him at Cornell?

Is it possible that beet pulp that's either un-rinsed, or not rinsed enough causes these rises?

Thank you for helping me and Pabatsa.

Laura M in CA
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