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You are definitely right about the details!

I have been adding the Wheybolic to Pabatsa's minerals since April of 2013. I am sure of this because we wanted more muscle for the shows.  I was told it was ok but I don't remember who said it and I didn't enter it into his ECHistory5 file. I was to give him 100 grams/day.   Here's the link (I give him Vanilla):  GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ Power - Chocolate Fudge

Started giving the peppermints around November/December because he became adamant he didn't want the Pergolide and kept spitting it out.  He has some fractures in his molars so we gave him the soft ones.  Over the past week or so, he has been given celery and he actually likes it better.

When I am there to take care of his beet pulp (pelleted), I rinse it until the water is clear.  I don't know whether or not P's caretakers were able to do that. At night 2 buckets of BP are made up and soaked--one for the following morning and one for the following evening.  Should only one bucket be made up at a time.  Does bp sitting around for 24 hours for the evening feeding alter it in any way, as far as sugar goes?

And what about the wormer Ivermectin any way that have caused problems?

I uploaded a photo I took of P at the big dressage show in May.  He received high marks and scores and the judges' comments were very very good. We were super happy with P that weekend and he was super happy with us.  

Laura M in CA

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Hi Laura,

I don't see the peppermints or the WheyBolic in your case history. History also says he's getting r/s/r beet pulp.Your question asks about non r/s/r .

Can you add the above, plus non r/s/r/ beet pulp,if that's what he's getting now? Later it will be easier to see a pattern,if in fact,these items are causing problems that he didn't have when they weren't part of the picture.

The devil is in the details.

I hope you saw Dr. Kellon's reply to you earlier today.

 Lorna in Ontario,Canada
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