Re: Please advise Cornell blood results for Busy


Hi Dr. Kellon and Everyone,

I have just received the blood results from Cornell and would appreciate your advice and input please.

I have updated his history and it can be found at


His results from Cornell were as follows:
Sampled 05/26/2014 - 8 a.m. hay only
Finalized 06/06/2014

ACTH 37.9 pg/mL  reference 9 - 35
Insulin 55.61 ulU/mL reference 10 - 40
His glucose was 5.2 taken horse side with a human glucometer from the blood sample.

He is on .5 mg of pergolide until the end of July when I would increase for the seasonal rise to 1 mg.

These numbers are above the range slightly but Busy  isn't indicating that I need to change anything by outward appearances or his ability to work.

I am sorry that I couldn't do a ratio I have looked through the files as I was sure that there was a conversion method for these numbers to mmol/L and pmol/L as I can't compare these to what is usually get from Idexx so they don't mean much to me! 

I would appreciate your advice as to whether I need to adjust anything or is he okay?

Thanks in advance.

Sue and Busy
Kingston, ON
0ctober 2010

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