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Hi Diane

Dr Kellon did trials which I believe were written about in Horse Journal. There is also info in the archives, just a sample of which is below.

It does not replace getting the diagnosis right, getting teh diet right or getting the trim right.  It is a hugely helpful product once the rest is in place. May 26, 2002
Putting together an article on causes of (Cushing's and not), and
treatment/management approaches for, insulin resistance. Mar 27, 2003
As far as supplements go, some are using the adaptogen herbal extract APF with good results. These herbs modify the body's response to stress such that cortisol release with heavy stress is dampened.

APF, adaptogen Review Fri Jul 22, 2005
APF is *NOT* a substitute for pergolide, or for diet, and should not be used unless you are monitoring blood work IMO, but it may prove to be a valuable tool in cases that are difficult to control.

Also see ADAPTOGENS in the FILES section which explains why and when adaptogens do and don't work.

The Van Noys are huge supporters of the work of this group and also very helpful if you call or write the company.

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Could someone please direct me to the testing/clinical trials/and/or scientific information about APF?

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