Re: Pabatsa's Cornell Results Not Good--Please Help

Nancy C

Hi Laura

On the run...this may come through twice.

Make sure you read Dr Kellon's message again.

He's got plenty of protein in the last hay, the extra amino acids in your custom mix and the whey.  Plenty. You may not even need the whey now but, unless Dr Kellon corrects me,   I think I'd leave that alone because he is so happy! 

Test your new  hay.

It's not the ivermectin.

Probably not the peppermint but good that he likes celery.

Some folks believe the sugar can be driven back into the BP if it sits too long soaking.  I did not find that to be so when soaking hay overnight two years ago. Alterntive would be to make up several servings at once, freeze the individual bags, take to the barn daily when you go,  and put in fridge or a cooler next to his stall to defrost.

Nancy C in NH
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