Re: Low postprandial insulin


Does he have decent body condition at that 350#?    4# of feed for 350# body weight isn't enough feed; that's only a little over 1% of his bodyweight in hay daily, if that's all he's getting he's not getting enough feed (if that's just his hay portion and he's getting something else too, then he might be getting enough).   Horses need 1.5-2% of their body weight in feed per day for normal bodily functions and holding weight; I know donkeys are easy keepers, so probably the low end of that.   1.5% of 350# is 5.25#

My mini donkey won't get on the scale so I don't know what she weighs, but is decent weight for her size. But, being a donkey she has a different shape than the horses; a bit of a belly with slimmer topline and that seems to be more normal for donkeys.    She's a long hair donkey, so I have to put my hands on her to make sure she's not carrying fat pads or getting skinny.


MT 9/04

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