New Blood Test Results and Need Help Posting to History

Deborah Ide

I just received Tara's newest blood test results: Insulin 14.42ulU/mL(Reference Interval 10-40),Glucose 85mg/dl(reference Interval 71-113), Leptin 3.34ng/mL(Reference Interval 1-4) and I also had an iron test done: 183ug/dL(Reference Interval 75-206).

 Looking at the IR Calculator it shows G:I Ratio is 5.89,RISQI is 0.26, MIRG is 7.64, Compensated IR/Laminitis Risk, and the Leptin Range is Low.

 I went to her History and it looks like there is no room to post the new results and keep the two previous test date results on there.

 Also, not sure where to put the iron test results as History shows a place for KSU Iron Panel but that wasn't what I had done. I just asked the vet to check her iron. Maybe that result should be entered under the place where I put the Insulin,Glucose and Leptin results?

 Should I delete the results and information regarding things like body condition scoring, etc.. and anything else that has changed from 2013 (I have a hard copy of them) or is there a way to add the new ones by adding spaces for the new information? Sorry, can't recall what I did to update last year. Thanks for any guidance in this.

Nov. 2012


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