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Just adding this in case you are soaking for longer than 1 hour:

In files: Hay information

Soaking should be done for at least one hour with cold water or ½ hour with hot water, then the water drained off where the horses can’t get to it (the water now contains all those carbs you leached out of the hay).  Do NOT soak for longer than 1 hour.


In warm weather, soaking longer or leaving tightly packed wet hay out for long periods can cause heat/fermentation; in colder weather this is not as apt to be a problem.


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Oceanside, CA 2007


Started soaking the hay last night.  I got an Igloo cooler that has 2 wheels, a drain, and an expandible handle that fits 2 big flakes perfectly.  I just add the water and close the lid.  An hour or so before going home I make up his dinner.  I make up his morning hay before I leave in the p.m.   This set up is great because I can wheel the cooler to where I need to drain off the water.  It's easily wheeled inside his pen for feeding.  He even loved eating from the cooler!

Laura M in CA


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