Re: Hay testing help


Hi Joyce-

As far as the 2 hay analysis:

Bag1-Alfalfa mix:
ESC ( sugar ) 9.4
Starch 1.1

Add together and you have over 10% ESC+Starch= 10.5%  Would say DO NOT FEED to a foundered horse.

Bag 2 analysis:
ESC 4.8%
Starch: 0.7

ESC + Starch=5.5%.. This is good to feed

However, the hay needs to be balanced with appropriate minerals.

Has your friend with this foundered horse joined the group for help?  Hard for us to REALLY be of beneficial help without seeing a bigger picture ( age/breed/ xrays/hoof photos/diet)

Is SD ~ S. Dakota or San Diego?

EC Primary Response
Oceanside, CA 2007

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