Re: Appetite is back, but still not eating "enough".


She is on 2 mg of Pergolide daily and 4 ml of APF.  She's probably only about 930 lbs right now.

Her attitude and energy levels have increased significantly and her appetite improved with APF, but its starting to look like she may have lost a little more muscle and topline.

I know that weight gain can take time, but its hard to put weight on her if she will only eat so much per day.   She has no teeth issues or problems chewing, of course we covered worms etc.

There is a possibility that something else is going on, but the three vets who have looked at her bloodwork are baffled as to what it could be?  We've been hoping that it was just an infection and we took care of it with the antibiotics.

She has stopped stocking up, and her ventral edema is gone too.  Her uveitis is almost under control with no bute or steriod eye ointments.  She's pretty much back to her old self with the exception of the weight/muscle loss.

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