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You are talking a lot about pain meds for your mare, but haven't mentioned the treatment you are providing for the PPID (cushings).

Do you have recent labs to assess the blood levels of ACTH, insulin and glucose?  Is she on pergolide at the moment, and if so, how much?

It sounds as if the PPID (when was the diagnosis done?) is simply not controlled.  The other factor would be that the trim is not supportive, with lowered heels and shortened toe, balancing the foot in three dimensions.

I realize that her asking to go graze is a mood lifter for you, but if the PPID is not controlled, you can pretty much assume the insulin is elevated.  Grazing can easily shoot that insulin way up, making the feet even more sore.

It would help us help you more if you could post a history of your girl in our "file cabinet" group, and then let us know here on the main list that it's there.  

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Right now, with only the info about the pain meds, we simply can't offer much, but we do have a lot to offer!  You may find our educational website to be of value:

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