Help with Gold

Bonnie Stockton

Hello everyone I am new to the group. I am a trimmer and have one client that has a horse on pergolide and doing well. Just recently I got a new client that has Gold a 22 yo Fox trotter that needs to be on pergolide, the vet tested Gold in March and his ACTH level is 92, he was tested 6 months earlier I don't have those numbers but she (vet) noted that it was a 3 fold increase + concurrent low T4, Hx of hypothyroid, hyperinsulinemia and laminitis. She recommended starting with 1/2 dose of prascend, hold on Thyro-L.

T4 - RIA - single sample; result 0.6 - low. 

She sold the owner platinum performance and platinum performance metabolic support. The owner stopped giving the prascend because she said that it gave Gold diarrhea, I am not sure that it was true diarrhea but it made his stool very loose and coated his tail and legs. 

Gold is fat and the owner feeds him oat, rye hay. He is on a dry lot but there are lots of weeds that I think he is munching on. His hoofs didn't look bad but he is a little tender when he walks on rock or hard ground. The vet wont let the owner buy the prascend from anyone else she wont write a prescription so that the owner can get it somewhere else cheaper and the vet is making the owner buy the 2 platinum performances through her it is costing the owner a lot every month and it has become a burden financially for the owner that is in her 70's and just wants to keep her horse healthy and maybe ride once in a while. So all that said I have asked her to start using slow feeders and that I would look into how she can get her horse on track and healthy.

Thanks for all the info. that you all can give me.

Thank again


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