I have a positive diagnosis of cushings, but can't create a case history for my mare


 Now that I have information about my mare to get further advice regarding her care for prevention of laminitis and other related cushings symptoms, I tried to create a case history for her but even though I am a member of this group, I have not been made a member of echistory8.


How do I join this group to post a case history?


Until I can do that, I will share what the vet communicated with me this morning about my mare.


Her ACTH level is 409 and am told that it is extremely high.  He felt that since cushings is a slow long term disease, that she has been dealing with this long before I had enough symptomology to call for testing.


We are going to start her on a pergolide like medicine that is in capsule form.  He has had a lot of luck with this medication and felt that it is more stable than compounded varieties from pet pharmacies currently produce.  Since she is so high, he felt it best to start her on a more stable and balanced drug to bring her values down.


That being said -  I have read somewhere that by giving a prescription medication, it can make using chastetree berry powder less effective.


Until I can create a case history, can someone let me know what they experienced with mixing CHB with Pergolide and related medicines?  Did you see any results? 


I gather that the meds for my mare will be for the rest of her life.  Since I am also treating 4 cats with end of life diseases, its par for the course.


The only symptoms that my mare is showing externally is the long hair coat, the odd shedding behavior and a little crusty neck.  That's it.  She is sound, good lamina, good weight, good attitude.


Like all good horse owners, I want to make sure my mare remains happy for the remainder of her life and I am a firm believer in prevention. 


Thanks in advance for any suggestions on the best way to manage my girl.


Marion and Bahj-Rha

Bennett, Colorado

March 2014

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