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hello,  its been a long time since I posted anything. I got a new computer and it will let me post things. not sure what was wrong with the old ones.. I just posted some photos of princess hoof. she seems really sore on it. I think I have to bring the toe back, she does not have much cal grove in the heel area to take the heel down. I have had 3 different black smiths out since I was not able to trim hoofs due to some knee problems but I hope thats over with so I know that her hoof is messed up can you please help.

Hi Sue -

Yes, you are right - that toe is very long.  I can get you some markups a little later today.  However, your comment about the shallow CGs makes me wonder just where is that coffin bone sitting in that hoof capsule - has that long toe allowed it to settle lower...if so, you may not have much room to lower those heels.

Any chance of x-rays?

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