Re: Fasted vs. non fasted ACTH


Hi Beverly -
I know in my horse, hunger would be the least of the fasting problem - she would be frantic, thinking she had been forgotten to be fed.
I once had an opportunity to experience this myself. I was recovering from a serious horse wreck and staying with relatives who had to do pretty much everything for me, since I had a broken back and leg. One evening they were late coming home for supper - I wasn't so much hungry as I was worried about when they would be coming to feed me. I went into pretty much a panic as I realized that I could not even get any food for myself. I managed to calm myself down and of course, my family did come home, but I will never forget that panic feeling - and I thought to myself, that's what a horse feels when they think they have been forgotten to be fed.
May 2014

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