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Dear Megan ~ Reading the story of love & courage that is yours and Guys, this lovely quote seemed to say it all. " Love is kind, it keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts , always hopes , always perseveres. Love never fails." Suzy B. Huether. Holding you gently in my thoughts now. Hugs ~Grace & Thor & Flying Feature ( angels now) 2002 New York
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I let my heart horse of 21 yrs go last night. I had him since he was 4, and met him just before I met my husband. Guy always came first. Guy was diagnosed Cushingnoid in May 2002, I found this group and joined in August of 2003, after a true diagnosis in the spring of 2003. It took many long days and nights to get him under control, he was the pickiest eater under the sun and would go on food strike if he didn't like something or if he thought I poisoned it. Guy was rotated to about 20 degrees by 2005, and while I never got him to where he should be in degrees he was sound enough I seriously thought about showing him again in 2008/9. That didn't happen thanks to the economy. In 2010 Guy had a bump on his coronet band, and with his yearly check up and X-rays, 4 vets from 2 different practices failed to pick up that it was an abscess brewing. It sat there for 6 months until finally popping. It took an additional 4 months to quit oozing and work its way down his hoof enough that I couldn't treat it any longer. That began the yearly abscess in that foot. No I didn't put 2+2 together until it was too late. Last fall his foot abscessed again, this time channeling to the coffin bone, his coffin bone according to the vet became infected, started a couple of rounds if antibiotics, but it didn't clear up entirely. I sent Guy to another vet practice, and they out him in a bariatric chamber twice and trimmed his feet way back to try and get the abscess out. We made it through winter with wrapped feet as he had a huge hole in the bottom of one of them. Just when we thought we were winning the other foot blew out an abscess, ultimately the original foot became infected yet again, and that was his downfall. Not his Cushings, not his IR, a stupid abscess. He had the best bloodwork for the last 3 years that I could have asked for. Only you all will understand that.

With all of that being said I have 24 - 6 mg Pergolide capsules from Pethealth pharmacy (ordered the beginning of June) if anyone would like them. Please let me know.

Thank you all for your help all of these years.

August 2003
Frederick MD/Lovettsville VA

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