Re: Hay problem


Hi Linda,

Phew is right, sorry I forgot that we don't add WSC, that does make a difference.

So given that Busy's bloodwork is over the limits and this hay is at the top of the limit is it safe to use?

If it is safe to use should I balance to these numbers or wait and balance to the second cut?

Is it likely the the second cut will be lower in sugars and starches?

What is the best way to manage his diet this year?

He is currently getting 2 - 3 pounds of old hay (5 bales left) 2 pounds of soy hulls, 16 pounds of ODTBC, salt, flax and Vitamin E.

He gets 1 mg. of pergolide and we intend to up it to 1.5mg at the end of July and then up it again to 2mg. after a few weeks then test.

Your suggestions are gratefully appreciated.

I have tried 4 times to add his history for you but I loose the post, sorry.  it is under ECHistory 3.

Thanks Linda

Sue and Busy
Kingston, ON
October 2010 

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