Re: Hay problem

Lorna Cane

Hi Sue,

>He is currently getting 2 - 3 pounds of old hay (5 bales left) 2 pounds of soy hulls,

Heads up if you are feeding soy hull pellets from Masterfeeds.
They are full of corn kernels.
Not only that,but the bags I have now are mostly powder ,in which there is finely ground corn.
I have been picking out the kernels,but the powder is impossible.

From Masterfeeds:
"I usually never recommend bagged ingredients usually because they are used by our mills for some of our products but are not quality controlled from our suppliers. That is why when you receive soya hull pellets there is not a proper tag on them with garenteed percent analysis. The other thing is we do not test this product for quality control to general public". 

She went on to say:
"For any animals with IR, I usually suggest our Senior Pellet the non structural carbohydrate percent on this product is 13%, anything below 23 % is considered low."

'Nough said!

If you get your sou hull pellets from someone else please let me know,as I am still looking.


Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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