Re: Pinworms

Nancy C

Hi Kim

Not using the moxidenctin is cautionary.  From the dewormer doc:
New combination dewormer pastes containing either ivermectin or moxidectin plus
praziquantel are available for treating tapeworm infestations. They are quite effective but this
study in rats suggests caution may be indicated with IR horses:!
[see study abstract PRAZIQUANTEL PRECAUTION.pdf in files at http://]!
Once the drug wears off, there may be a compensatory rebound insulin spike.!
Would have to agree that the conclusion they reached, that "care should be taken" is
Please note it is NOT known if the same would occur in a horse when using the combination
dewormers but it's worth bearing in mind. Risks vs benefits should be discussed with your
treating vet if your horse or pony is IR.! !

Strongest caution is in thin horses.  it has teh thinest safety margin and needs to be dosed ccurately.

Dr Kellon's short course on deworming indicates both moxi and ivermectin are effective for adult and fourth stage larvae.  Also suggests pinworms are often incorrectly blamed for tail rubbing and do not generally happen in horse regularly dewormed. since you've seen them, it appeaars you actualy have them.   If you no longer see them, would recommend you go on a regular ivermectin schedule now and treat the horses topically for the rubbing and perhaps look for other areas that may be contributing to their itching. You might want to ask you vet about a short course of benedryl.  If you see them again, my leaning would be to go back to ivermectin and not the moxidectin.

Again, from reports of many members and my own personal experience, nothing helps these horses with resisting parasites and ealing with allergic type reaction like getting the diagnosis under control and addressing mineral/nutritional  imbalances in the diet.

Nancy C in NH
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If Quest is OK, should I just give them a single dose spaced 6-8 weeks apart?

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