Re: Is this low grade laminitis?

Mandy Woods

Hi Melodie,
Welcome to the list.   You have a smart trimmer!   You will see that our philosophy is quite simple.  Its DDT/E.  IF you do all 4 at the same time you will see improvement in your mare.    DDT/E means,  DIAGNOSIS,  DIET,   TRIM   and EXERCISE.  
But first we need you to join the ECH8 group which is our medical file.   There is a questionnaire to answer.  The answers paint a broader picture for the volunteers to read , interpret and advise you with.    Here is the link:
DIAGNOSIS is by bloodwork.   Your mare probably is not Cushings because of her age.  We are going into the seasonal rise very soon so testing her for a baseline now could probably wait.   BUT!  we have found that some horses can be ‘fed into a state of IR’.   By testing her Insulin/Glucose and Leptin  NON fasting ~~ will tell you if IR is involved.   Skinny horses can be IR as well as fat ones.     What you can do is have your vet come out early in the week to pull blood for these 3 tests.   Feed her grass hay that is low sugar/starch or if you don’t have an analysis,  soak her hay for one hour (no more) and then drain it.   Feed her this hay the night before the test and the day of the test.  We need to see what her insulin is on low sugar/starch feed.   Do NOT give her bucket feed. ..just hay.   Have your vet spin/separate the blood within  4 hours of the draw and freeze the serum.  Ship it overnight air to Cornell,  in NY.   You want this serum to get to the lab before Friday.  
DIET is low sugar/starch forage with minerals balanced to that hay’s assay.   This can be a little bit of a challenge buying, storing and boarding but it can be done!    We recommend under 10% sugar/starch a day.  So the TC Senior you’ve been feeding comes in at 13.2% which is higher than we recommend.  TC Lite is a better choice at 9.5%.   Infact,  rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp is the best choice.  It has a similar mineral profile as oats.  It holds water,  it can be seasoned and many horses love it.  You can feed up to 30% her body weight a day in r/s/r BP!   You will be using it as a carrier for the minerals.  The Temporary Emergency Minerals are Vitamin E,  loose iodized table salt,  magnesium oxide and freshly ground flax seed.   You can get all of this at Walmart including hanging scales to weigh your hay.  Feed her 2% her body weight a day in dry hay.  Feed at least 4 meals a day.   Many of us use smhn (small mesh hay nets) to slow their eating down.    Grass is high in sugar.   If you were to experiment with her by pulling her off the pasture and feeding the Temp ER DIET for a week pulling blood during that time would give you an honest picture if she’s IR or not.   We recommend for IR horses to remove them from grass totally.  No apples/carrots/treats, commercial feeds nor supplements.  There is sugar in everything! 
TRIM.  This is a fascinating part of the protocol.  By having her angles out of correct alignment with her coffin bone can cause pain,  lameness.  Do you have recent xrays  you can post in ECH8 photo section?   That would answer more questions!   Be sure to send a photo of her soles.   Here’s a link on how to take good photos.   Put the camera on the ground!   Boots and pads can make her very comfortable. 
EXERCISE hand walking if she’ can tolerate.  Be sure NOT to turn tightly or pivot.  Do NOT trot her.   NO RIDING.    Let the hoof volunteers read her films before you do anything more. 
Bed her on soft saw dust.  Do not use straw.....its high in sugar.   Let her move at liberty as long as she’s not rodeo inclined which could hurt her feet.    Find her deworming records.   
Also sending you the IR calculator.   You see when you put her numbers in it that even though the numbers are in their normal ranges the RATIOS of these numbers may show you she’s IR.    Get your bloodwork!
Melodie,  start a journal on her,  ask questions and take photos.  
Tell us where you live so we can help you source products.  Whats your mares’ name too?   and  please include the link to your Case History with your name very time  you write in. 
You are on your way!!      This is where you send your hay samples.  Get the Trainer # 603 for $54
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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