Re: Is this low grade laminitis?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melodie,

See you got two pics of Amelia's feet up - thanks. I added a quick mark-up on the RF for you to give you an idea of where the trim needs to be for that foot. The LF looks to also have some wedge but as the heels are higher and the dorsal wall is steeper the toe isn't as far out in front of her. She has what is called high-lo syndrome, which means one foot is more upright and boxy while the other is lower, flatter and wider. This is likely a trimming rather than a conformational issue. The new growth at the very top of the hoof capsule, right below the coronary band, is coming in at a steeper angle that is mirroring the location and angle of the coffin bone. As it grows down, it is being pulled away from it's correct location by the length of the overgrown toe. Totally correctable.

The green line is showing the wedge material that exists. This is not new but has developed over time. Wedge is like scar tissue that the hoof puts down to help cement the wall to the underlying tissues to try to hold it all together. It is not as strong as good laminar connections but is better than no thing at all. The blue lines are where you would like the trim to be occurring to lower her heels and bring that toe back under her. Can give you more specific recommendations when you get the sole and front shots up.

Do you have any xrays of her feet? If not, it might be wise to get some if they are in the budget. Regardless, could really use a more complete set of pics ala the link I gave you earlier.

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